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Thank you for your time and interest in Serene Gutter Systems (SGS).  SGS is a family owned & operated company based in Mount Vernon, Washington and now with a location serving Grays Harbor on the Olympic Peninsula near Ocean Shores.  Our emphasis is on customer satisfaction, quality, community, and care for our environment.  This progressive operation is an extension of our family’s long term commitment to excellence in the Washington gutter industry.  We’ve spent decades perfecting our combination of materials and components, and specialize in copper, half round, industrial 6 or 7 inch K-line, custom gutters.

A gutter-full history: In 1973 my father began installing rainwater control along with the man who introduced continuous gutters to the Northwest.  Their gutter business thrived and Dad began manufacturing gutter products. My brothers and I grew up hanging gutter, manufacturing gutter, repairing gutter, cleaning gutters… We’re probably lucky we didn’t have to eat gutter.

As we grew into adults, our busy minds weren’t satisfied with the gutter knowledge and products already in existence.  We brainstormed, theorized, hypothesized, & tested many new techniques and products.  We considered ourselves not just gutter installers, but water control and diversion specialists. We invented new and better ways to do this and cut that; our passion for innovation and progression made for productive, fun filled days hanging gutter.

My brother Benny joined the Navy & became a nuclear physicist.  He retired after six years with his brain accustomed to working hard for complicated solutions.  Of course he came home to gutters where he designed & patented a product that we’re excited to offer, it’s a gutter guard, a gutter/cover filter combo top be more precise, designed for our needle rich Northwest.

StandardGuard is the next generation of gutter cover.  Manufactured in Western Washington by our family, it’s advanced design keeps out the smallest of debris while allowing the water and even pollen (common culprit of clogged filters) to flow freely.  By combining a screen and a cover we’ve created gutter guard synergy; the best of both worlds work together to create peace of mind. It adds equity & long term protection for your structures.  It can install onto new or existing gutters.  At only $11/ linear foot it’s a superior product at less than half the price of any similar gutter systems, as we have no middlemen or large marketing expenses. 

Our cousin hand built each roller of the machine that creates this innovative product.  VersaGuard is constructed from solid aluminum stock that’s painted and teflon coated, then louvered, molded, and crimped around stainless steel 30 mesh micro screen.  This one piece construction leaves out glue or any other variables, so it produces a perfect result every time.  The louvers allow ample water to flow freely while the micro mesh filter keeps out even tiny roof rocks and is arched slightly which allows air circulation to dry out debris and self clean with the breeze.  The angle is calculated to capture max water flow while still allowing the collected leaves etc. to be swept away easily and protect the gutter system from snow or ice.

I’m sure you can sense our enthusiasm for StandardGuard and we’re also happy to offer aluminum or steel 5″ or 6″ K line, fascia or half round gutter in a variety of colors.  We offer regal copper gutter in the above varieties as well.  We do new construction installs and replacement of gutter and fascia.  Commercially we offer gutter and roof cleaning.  We install rain water collection systems in the form of 55 gallon barrels, 50 or 95 gallon paintable cisterns that attach to and blend into your house, as well as 500+ gallon cisterns (all safe plastic).  Our prices are competitive. We offer superior quality and craftsmanship. Please call Shanna @ (360) 701-4023 for more information or a Free Estimate on your project. 


We look forward to hearing from you. 


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