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Gutter guard designed in the Pacific Northwest out of stainless mesh filter combo.



Standard Guard is one and only cover we offer. It’s designed in the NW, for the Pacific Northwest, and is one of the only ones that functions well in our unique, salty, and coniferous climate 😊

It’s a great price for the high quality (it’s around $10/ft while most of the big companies with good quality guard are at $30/ft and up), though more initial investment (of course) than the inexpensively constructed ones. What we’ve found with the lower end guards is that they are essentially a waste of time, money, and that many of them actually create moisture on wood conditions (i.e. the arched mesh that directs water behind the gutter if any buildup of debris is present- yikes! A few seasons later that less expensive guard can end up much more expensive than a high end).

Standard Guard has an aluminum louvered cover with an extra lip of flashing on the back to assure no water will be allowed behind the gutter- in the event of overflow, it is directed over the front only (muy importante). Crimped into this cover is a stainless mesh filter that has a slight dome shape to be a bit self-shedding, and though it’s less maintenance than most guard, it will still need swept or sprayed off annually. Please see link below to read more about it:

As always, please feel free to call or email with anything at all.

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