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Classy Half Round Copper and Coated Aluminum gutters

The classy style, timeless presence, and long lived beauty of copper half round has arrived at Seabrook, Washington- a Sunset magazine idea town north of Ocean Shores, WA.

The also classic look of galvanized half round gutters has prevailed there. About three years ago we found a coated aluminum product called silver metallic to outlast the zincalume that was the standard request for the half round gutters we installed. Zincalume, and a similar material called galvalume, are alloys that have the look of galvanized steel with a longer life expectancy. The coast proved it’s rugged force and some of the systems were lasting only seven to ten years.

The coated continuous aluminum silver metallic half round we have high hopes for, and the seamless copper we know will be there for many decades to come.

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