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A little history of us

My husband and I started our humble gutter company as an extension of the work with his father’s company that’s been serving the gutter industry with excellence since 1973. Recently, his brother moved up to partner up with us, bringing another experienced hand who’s committed to our artisan quality.

We’re excited to be able to serve more customers, and newly figuring out the marketing world to fill our new capacity.

Recent purchases have also expanded our offering capability. We now have both a 6″ half round gutter, and a 7″ K-line machine so are able to offer both the classic look of half round gutter and the industrial size of 7″ K in continuous/seamless gutter. Both of these are unique to Washington and have been well received by the customers, thank you!

We appreciate and value your feedback as we strive to offer an incredible customer service experience. Thank you for your time!

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